Lawn Maintenance is More Than Lawn Mowing

In our inaugural blog, we wrote all about property maintenance. And though we touched on it then, this month, we’re doing a deep dive into lawn maintenance. 

You may think lawn maintenance means mowing your lawn. But while mowing is an essential aspect of lawn maintenance, it is only one piece of what will keep your property healthy and lush. 

Every lawn is different. And because each lawn is different, getting an expert’s hand in maintaining your property is vital. And in and around Gulfport, you can’t find a better expert than Mulhern

Knowing Your Climate and Microclimate

Do you know your climate? Hot and humid, right? Done!

But I’m afraid there’s a bit more to it than that. While you may know about the general Floridian climate, every home has a microclimate that is affected by shade, weather, mulch, and even the structures around your yard. 

Mulhern will know how to recognize what to expect from your particular microclimate

Your Grass and Ecosystem

Not all grass is the same, and grass cutting for one yard is the same lawn mowing in another. Some items to consider when mowing a lawn include the grass species, gradient of the grounds, and what else is growing nearby.

We know grass from seed to blade and when each species needs fertilization, trimming, and more. 

Your Grass and Ecosystem - Mulhern Landscapes

Budget – Time, Money & Saving Both

Everyone has their area of expertise. And a wise man once said, “Everything is easy when you do it all the time, and nothing is easy when you don’t.” So care to guess what we do all the time? 

You could take the time to learn everything you need to know about maintaining your lawn and then take your time in perfectly maintaining it, but don’t you have other things to do? 

Because Mulhern, as a landscaping company, maintains lawns every day, we can get it done for you, saving you time and money. To understand how hiring a landscaper is more affordable than trimming and edging your yard, you can think of a wholesale club.

When you buy from a wholesale club, you save money because you buy in bulk. If you had to buy all of the equipment and supplies Mulhern has in stock for your yard, you would be spending significantly more time and money than it would take to hire us. 

What Does Lawn Maintenance Entail?

So, what do you get when hiring Mulhern for your lawn maintenance? First, you get a group of caring professionals with a community-first mentality who will dedicate themselves to making your lawn superior. You also get a group that performs all the care your lawn needs. 

Mowing: How Low Can You Go? 

Mowing is what most folks think about when they think about lawn maintenance. So, of course, we will cut your lawn, but we will do much more to keep it healthy. 

First, we will trim on a schedule appropriate for your grass’s growth cycle when mowing. We will also consider the breeds of grass used on your property and gut each to their proper length. Not every species of grass thrives at the same length. 

Boundaries Please – Edging

Part of a beautiful yard is boundaries. We will edge your flower beds and other features so the lawn does not bleed into your gardens. All of your plants need their own space to shine. 

Boundaries Please Edging - Mulhern Landscapes


Like everything, your lawn needs food to grow. Of course, grasses have different feeding schedules, but the grass is generally best fed just before peak growth season. So, once again, knowledge is crucial to fertilize your lawn with nutrients at the proper time. 

In addition to timing, knowledge of your grass species and soil composition is essential to appropriate fertilizing for your particular grass. 

Aeration and Overseeding 

Over time, soil can become compacted. When the earth beneath your lawn grows too dense, it becomes more difficult for grass to grow healthfully. This can lead to brown patches or bare spots. 

One of the keys to maintaining a healthy lawn is aeration and overseeding. Aerating involves poking holes in the dirt and bringing up bits of core leaving space in the soil. This aeration makes it easier for nutrients and water to reach your root systems and makes soil less dense. 

After aerating the soil, we can add seed where needed. The perfect time to overseed a lawn is after aeration because the room has been made for the new grass to grow. 

In addition, we can install new sod or plant new seeds in a place where you don’t yet have a lawn


The only problem with having a nice yard with healthy soil is you will have other plants who like the neighborhood! But, unfortunately, that’s when weeds move in on your grass’s territory.

Not to worry. Mulhern will regularly weed your yard as part of your lawn maintenance schedule. 

Keeping back weeds is not a one-time task. In fact, the look and health of your lawn are best served by keeping back weeds so they don’t gain a foothold. Over time, this will allow your grass to become healthier, making it more difficult for weeds to grow, and making the necessity for weeding less frequent. 

Regular and Seasonal Clean-up

Part of lawn maintenance is also simply cleaning up debris. Whether it’s leaves and branches from a storm, some litter that blew into your yard, or natural shedding of petals, etc., blowing out and cleaning up your lawn goes best when done regularly. 

Part of our regular lawn maintenance includes keeping your lawn free of anything that isn’t lawn. 

In addition, each season, there is a more extensive clean-up that you might like to schedule to clean out old annuals and other plants that have died or won’t be around next season. 

Like the tortoise famously says, “slow and steady wins the race.” So naturally, your lawn maintenance goes best when done regularly and properly. And the best way to do that is to get on Mulhern’s schedule.  


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