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Located in the lovely Pinellas County, this sunny city is a beautiful representation of Florida’s diverse environment. It may not be the most populated city in the area, but it’s large enough to be home to many different wonderful residents. We are happy to continue servicing them and their lawns, leaving a smile on their face and one on ours, too!

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Landscape Maintenance

When you have landscaping done to your property, you’ll need to keep it well-maintained. Landscape maintenance focuses on the different sections of your landscape you’ve had done, keeping them cleaned up and staying healthy. Without this care, shrubs become overgrown, flowers wilting, and various planters have turned into a mess!

Landscape Installations

If you have a thinning, plain, or “boring” lawn, there are things you can do to change that. Once you’ve researched what the process entails and what you want, you can get started working on the landscape installation! This process isn’t a quick one, but it’s exciting to change the look of your lawn for the better completely – there are many benefits to having a beautiful landscape around your home.

Lawn Maintenance

Like landscape maintenance, this process protects your lawn from becoming overgrown and eventually unhealthy. Instead of targeting specific areas of your lawn, we take care of your landscape as a whole. We do this with practices such as mowing, trimming, edging, and more; your lawn will stay in neat condition and grow properly. Of course, your lawn won’t stay in good shape without it!

Seasonal Cleanups

Your landscape will eventually get messy and need your help getting back to its nice appearance. It’s not due to anything you’re doing wrong; it’s just nature, and debris like falling leaves will somehow find its way there. We survey your property to find out how extensive the mess is, then get it cleaned up!

The team here at Mulhern Landscape is always ready and willing to help turn your landscape into a beautiful masterpiece! We take pleasure in every job we do, always offer the best communication, and hold ourselves to a higher level of professionalism. With our free estimates, you always know what to expect, and you’ll find our work stands out from the crowd!

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