Lovely Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Maintenance, and Landscape Installations in Gulfport, FL

Gulfport, Florida, is most known for its rich history. There are museums to explore and learn all about the south. There are also bucket list items you have to complete, such as swimming with dolphins! Florida is rich in marine wildlife and education about them. Enrich your curiosity and sense of adventure by exploring all Gulfport has to offer.

What Does Mulhern Landscape Inc. Offer?

Mulhern is a highly professional company that can satisfy all your landscaping needs. We take pride in the quality of work we do. Our clients are satisfied with our top-notch communication skills and time management skills to get the jobs done correctly. We do our best to listen to our clients and create the designs they want.

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Landscape Maintenance

Landscapes don’t take care of themselves, and the hard work has to get done. But, you don’t have to do it alone. Mulhern is experienced in keeping landscapes maintained and looking fresh! We lay fresh mulch, control weeds, do repairs, and more that keep your landscape growing and thriving. A lot goes into a landscape, so don’t lose hope. We got this!

Lawn Maintenance

When it comes to the lawn, all focus should be on your grass, making sure it grows healthy and gets trimmed regularly. There is nothing worse than dying grass due to poor lawn maintenance practices. Mulhern is certified to trim, edge, and mow your grass to keep it a short, healthy length. We also guide your grass around any walkways or paths in your landscape. You put them there for foot traffic, not grass to grow over.

Landscape Installations

Is your garden missing something, and you’ve already added all the plants you can find? Try installing some outdoor furniture so you can sit and enjoy your garden without having to stand around. Whatever you decide to do, plan it out beforehand. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to install something new, then finding out it doesn’t fit. Installing new features to your landscape adds unique elements to your garden and motivates you to spend more time outside. As a result, creating outdoor extensions of your home has become increasingly popular.

Seasonal Cleanups

When branches, twigs, and leaves fall, picking them off your lawn is essential. Debris puts weight on your lawn and stunts the growth of your plants. Keeping your lawn clear allows you to see what areas of your lawn needs help thriving. In addition, your landscape looks less cluttered when cleaning up debris and increases your curb appeal.

Mulhern Landscape Inc. is here to assist with all your landscaping needs. We want to give back to the community in productive ways and protect our planet simultaneously. We value professionalism and our pristine customer service. With a free estimate, we will prove that we mean business by letting our work speak for itself.

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