Mulhern Landscape Inc. offers landscape maintenance and lawn maintenance in Gulfport, South Pasadena, and St. Pete Beach, FL

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Mulhern Landscape Inc is a company that is on the horizon of growing into an even greater company. We believe in effective communication and getting the job done right the first time. We let our work speak for itself, showcasing its outstanding quality. We service residents at their homes, so we understand how important our clients are to trust us.

Being in Florida, we understand how vital landscaping and maintenance are. Storms can be brutal, so ensuring flooding is prevented and debris cleaned up means your landscape stays safe. However, our company stands out due to more than just our exceptional services. First, of course, you will recognize us with our bright pink and orange branding! Our colors aren’t the only things we are proud of, though, and our professional skills help us build our clientele. Without being as professional as we have become, we wouldn’t have gotten very far in this field. Mulhern’s team is the best crew to have on your side to get your landscaping desires taken care of. We maintain and build, so you never have to worry about the wilderness taking over your landscape.

We value customer service, communication, and our top-notch quality and make sure that these values set us apart from the crowd. We provide services all year round, so you never have to worry about when to hire us. Our professionalism is always a quality on which we thrive. In addition, Mulhern Landscape Inc. offers free estimates when you call us to book a job—coming from a large family and having a background in landscaping, and it makes sense for this company to be as successful as they are.

Tell Us More About The Owner

Tony Mulhern, Owner

Tony Mulhern comes from a family of 6 and has been mowing neighbors’ lawns since he was a young boy. He is a family man who understands the importance of hard work. Landscaping and yard work has always been a passion of Tony’s.

It is said that Tony is also an animal lover. He is the proud owner of a few cats and dogs and seven chickens. Tony’s hobby is riding BMX bikes on the Sarasota track when not landscaping. He is a very focused and professional man who knows when to relax and enjoy life outside of work. In other words, Tony gives his all in every aspect of his life.

Tony has been taught the necessary skills from being part of a big family. Communication and honesty are the top skills- when offering any service, these skills provide a reputation. Tony wouldn’t have been as successful in building up his business without a good reputation. He is a brilliant man who knows how to run a great company. Tony has grown up in this industry, so he knows what it takes, and he has the experience to understand his gut instinct.

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