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What is included in our landscape maintenance services?

Landscape maintenance targets the individual parts of your beautiful landscape and keeps them trimmed up, healthy, and looking fabulous. This maintenance can be regarding any plants, trees, or landscape beds you’ve had installed. We observe struggling areas and the “problem areas” and move forward with any work to be done! That way, the outside of your home looks great, and you know the individual parts of your lawn are getting the care they need.

Why choose Mulhern Landscape Inc. Services?

  • Our company continues to evolve with the changing times
  • Our focus is always on having the best customer experience
  • We believe in open lines of communication
  • You’ll receive services personalized to your lawn
  • We offer weekly services that are automatically billed to your card on file every month so you can have a beautiful landscape and forget it!
  • Your landscape will look fresh and brand new
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What good does landscape maintenance do for my landscape or home?

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Ensures a better lawn aesthetic

We know as a homeowner you want a lawn that stands out in all the best ways, not because it’s become an eyesore. When you have proper landscape maintenance done, each area gets the attention it needs – this ensures your landscape will continue looking beautiful!

Boosts your homes’ value

There are a great many ways to upgrade your property’s value – but regarding your landscape, the most prominent way to do that is through the power of landscape maintenance! We target areas that need help and tidy them up so your home’s value continues to go up.

Keeps each area of your lawn in good health

Your lawn will not stay healthy without your help – it needs attention and consistent maintenance to stay in good shape. Proper and scheduled maintenance guarantees your landscape has better longevity and grows the way it needs to.

What are some things to know about landscape maintenance?

Allows more expansion to your landscaping

If your future plans include adding to your landscaping, you’ll need a good place for placement. If you keep your landscape maintained well, you’ll have a clearer picture of where everything can go and what needs to be changed to add it in.

The trees and plants are good for your health

It’s nice to know the nature around you is doing your health some good. When you keep the trees and plants in good condition, you do more than keep them growing how they should – you also improve the surrounding air and water quality!

Do you want a better way to stay on top of your landscape and its health? Are you searching for a team who will care for your lawn like their own? Mulhern Landscape is here for you – proudly offering their customers the best in lawn services!

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