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What is included in our landscape installation services?

We first come to your property to evaluate your lawn space and where any pipes or tree trunks are to figure out where we can put everything you want. Next, we consult with you on what you’ve envisioned your lawn to look like – everything from colors, plants, landscape bed locations, and more! Then, we start installing everything where it needs to go and develop solutions to any potential issues we find.

Why choose Mulhern Landscape Inc. Services?

  • Our company continues to grow with the times
  • We focus on having the best customer service around
  • We believe in having open communication
  • You’ll receive services tailored to your lawn
  • We provide free estimates for new customers
  • Your landscape will always look brand new
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What good does landscape installation do for my landscape or home?

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Gives you more pride in your home

You want to be proud of the home you’re living in and enjoy looking out across your landscape every day. If you don’t or can’t, that’s an issue; luckily, it’s an issue easily fixed. However, adding pristine landscaping to your property will make it hard for you to take your eyes off of it!

Draws in positive attention

While you may not want a lot of attention on you, there’s nothing wrong with allowing your home and landscape to get some well-deserved recognition! Your striking new landscape will do just that, drawing in the eyes of admirers all over your neighborhood!

Provides places for wildlife to inhabit

If you have a landscape in wonderful shape and designed well, you’ll notice lots of fun, and even ‘helpful’ visitors come across your path. In addition, proper landscaping allows various wildlife, such as butterflies, bees, and birds, safe places to hide or even live!

What are some things to know about landscape installation?

Allows more expansion to your landscaping

If you do not have well-done landscaping on your property, it’s hard enough to envision what expansion can look like, much less the space you truly have to work with. With landscaping, you’ll better see what can be done in your yard and where new additions can go!

The trees and plants are good for your health

We all know trees provide oxygen, but did you know your grass produces even more for you and your family? A clean, “pretty” environment has been found to improve mental health and physical attributes such as heart rate, blood pressure, and more!

Are you ready to have a brand-new beautiful landscape surrounding your home? Are you looking for someone who can provide your lawn with the services it needs? Mulhern Landscape is here for you – proudly offering their customers the best in lawn services!

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