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What is seasonal cleanup?

When the seasons change, they leave behind the previous season. The debris is plant debris that falls to the ground. It is important to pick it up, so the debris doesn’t stunt the growth of the rest of your landscape. Mulhern is an expert at removing debris from your lawn that doesn’t need to be there.

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What good does seasonal cleaning do for my landscape or home?

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Keeps weight off your lawn

Weighting your lawn pushes your grass down into the dirt, and it eventually stops growing. Likewise, having debris on your lawn for long periods prevents the elements from giving your plants the nutrition to survive. Mulhern’s professionals are experts at removing leaves, branches, and other plant debris, allowing your landscape to flourish.

Keep pests off your lawn!

Having a layer of leaves on your landscape provides hiding places for bugs and other pests that can harm you and your plants. Mulhern is prepared to remove the debris safely, so you don’t get hurt. Anything could be hiding in plain sight, and you don’t want to find out the hard way.

Prepare your landscape for the next season

There is nothing better you can do for your landscape than getting it ready for the next season coming. Maintenance does this for your landscape, but picking up debris helps your plants get the last bits of nutrients before they need to store them for the summer or winter. During the fall and spring, plants spend time storing up as much water and sunshine as they can before the harsher seasons arrive, and they get too much of one element and not enough of the other. You can’t lay mulch if everything is covered in leaves or twigs.

What are the benefits of seasonal cleanups?

Picking up debris removes clutter

There’s no other way to put it- debris makes your landscape cluttered and unattractive. That’s why Mulhern offers this fantastic service, and we understand the importance of keeping your landscape looking pristine.

Seasonal cleanups improve the health of your landscape

Recycling debris helps the growth of your landscape. Twigs and branches can be chopped up and chipped down into bark dust and wood chips for fresh mulch. Leaves can be shredded and mixed in with compost for organic compost. There are many uses that plant debris provides.

Mulhern Landscape Inc. is here to service your landscape to make it the best it can be. Our quality is job number one! No matter your landscaping needs, Mulhern Landscape Inc. is here to help. We value our clients and build trusting partnerships.

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