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What is lawn maintenance?

Lawn maintenance is taking care of your lawn after its initial installation. Taking care of weeds is a constant job that can be frustrating and tedious. In addition, weeds seem to keep popping back up and creating more issues for your lawn. Lawn maintenance isn’t just about the weeds. Though, it also covers taking care of the health of your grass.

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What good does lawn maintenance do for my landscape or home?

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Increases curb appeal

Lawn care might be a small part of the landscaping, depending on how large your grass area is, but it can add to your curb appeal when the grass is trimmed, fresh mulch is laid, and your flowerbeds look cleaned up. Lawn maintenance is essential for your landscape to keep all your greenery thriving.

Provides places for wildlife to inhabit

If you have a landscape in fantastic shape and designed well, you’ll notice lots of fun and even ‘helpful’ visitors come across your path. In addition, proper landscaping allows various wildlife, such as butterflies, bees, and birds, safe places to hide or even live!

Renews respect for the planet

Having a good landscape and maintaining your lawn gives you a new perspective on how to help the planet. It’s hard work and requires dedication. Each small act makes a big difference. Mulhern understands this, and it’s a big motivator for us to help as many people as we can. It’s our goal to keep lawns looking pristine and fresh so they can do their jobs cleaning up the planet.

What are some things to know about lawn maintenance?

Lawn maintenance gives your lawn a chance to thrive

Lawn maintenance keeps your lawn healthy and strong, so you don’t have to lay sod, aerate and overseed, or control weeds more often than necessary. There will be fewer pests, weeds, and brown spots on your lawn as a result. You won’t have to be embarrassed to step outside to spend time in your garden. The greener your lawn is, the prouder you will feel that you have accomplished a beautiful yard. And with weekly scheduled maintenance, it leaves you free to just kick back and enjoy your space!

Your lawn gives back!

It won’t happen right away, but when you keep up with your lawn maintenance, your lawn does give back. First, Mulhern takes care of your lawn by mowing, edging, and trimming. Then the elements get to work, allowing your lawn to grow. Lastly, your lawn doesn’t just grow green and firm. It starts to drain water into the soil, improving the quality naturally, so it becomes better soil for your plants.

Mulhern Landscape understands how important it is to keep your landscape maintained. We also understand how busy families get and crazy schedules can be. That’s why hiring us will make your life easier and keep your landscape looking just as fresh as the day it was installed.

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