Landscape Maintenance: What Is It, And What Does It Do??

 Your home is your safe place – the place you go to relax and get away from the hustle-and-bustle of the everyday craziness. So you don’t want to come home to a house surrounded by a messy, unkempt lawn that adds to your anxieties and that ever-growing list of things to do.

Understanding the values of good landscape maintenance, their benefits, how it’s accomplished, and why is essential. This way, you learn how to help care for it yourself and what to watch for in the future. You should have pride in your landscape, trusting it will continue to look picture-perfect, just like you want!

What is a landscape maintenance, and how is it different from lawn maintenance?

We’re sure as a homeowner you’ve heard the term “landscape maintenance” before, and though it seems self-explanatory, there still is some confusion as to what that term means and what it entails. Landscape maintenance is defined as ‘the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, and attractive, typically in a garden, yard, park, etc.’

The act of landscape maintenance is a planned, systematic way to routinely keep any given landscape at a park, home, or business looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible while making it as healthy as possible. It’s not just basic maintenance but includes more intricate work to targeted areas that not all properties have.istockphoto 1166203849 612x612 1 - Mulhern Landscapes

There’s not an immediately noticeable difference between landscape maintenance and lawn maintenance – they both involve the routine grooming of your landscape. However, lawn maintenance often includes basic trimming, edging, and mowing treatments, whereas landscape maintenance includes intimate care of things like topiaries, water features, and others!

While lawn maintenance takes care of the overall maintenance of your lawn, landscape maintenance tends to dive deeper into the detailed work your property needs. Both are extremely important in helping your landscape thrive, and both require time, patience, knowledge, and proper equipment to accomplish.

Why is landscape maintenance necessary for my property?

Anything you do to enhance or repair your landscape is important for very different reasons. Your lawn depends almost entirely on you for help, so every decision you make directly affects it in some way. So when you choose to invest in competent landscape maintenance, you’re choosing to do what’s best for it no matter what!

The most obvious benefit you’ll see with landscape maintenance is the improvement your lawn will have in its looks. The grass, hedges, flowers, plants, bedding, trees, and other landscape additions will have a well-manicured appearance and look easy on the eyes. In addition, maintained lawns are always more likely to attract positive attention and compliments from neighbors and friends.

Secondly, if you have a landscape that’s maintained correctly and looks beautiful, you’ll start to notice the value of your home rise above where it previously was. Selling your home later will be a much easier process; you’ll make more money on the sale, and you’re likely to have more offers; people are drawn more toward a home they don’t have to do a lot of work.

Landscape maintenance also ensures the longevity of your lawn, much like its partner lawn maintenance. While it encourages healthier growth of your greenery, it also keeps other aspects like water features, topiaries, privacy shrubs, and more on your landscape under control. These parts of your lawn need equal attention to make sure they don’t become damaged or unruly.

Lastly, you’ll find your home is much healthier than it may have been previously. Quality landscape maintenance helps your lawn provide cleaner air, filter water better, and limit the number of pests that can potentially make someone sick. You’ll also notice an increase in memory and good mood with lowered blood pressure and stress rates!

What is included in regular landscape maintenance?

First, your grass needs attention; mowing is crucial, but keeping a close eye on anything out of place will be hugely beneficial. Next comes the smaller plants and flowers – they require trimming and pruning to ensure dead or dying pieces don’t spread, and there’s room for more growth in the future.

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Hedges and shrubs are the next on the list to be taken care of; they also need trimming to ensure continuous growth. Surprisingly, it takes a steady hand to know what is too much or too little, and neither is suitable for your greenery. Your larger plants are meant to be statement pieces on your lawn, but not overgrown monstrosities.

Landscape bedding or planters around your trees also require maintenance, as they may need different tools to get the job done. Along with being mowed around and watered accordingly, more detailed edging is needed to keep the grass level, and inside, the planters need to be touched up to stay in good condition.

Lastly, one of the most prominent features your landscape may need the most help with are the unusual or uncommon ones. Fun topiaries need maintenance to stay the unique shapes they are, and what features you have that tie into the landscape need to be trimmed around carefully to keep up their artistry.

Should I consider asking the local lawn professionals for help?

There is never “the” wrong time to reach out to the local professionals for help with their landscape services. You can do many things around your lawn yourself to keep it going strong, like cleaning up loose debris and monitoring for any damages. However, there are many things you may not know how to do or have the tools to do them.

Time is another factor to consider – as a homeowner, do you have the time to dedicate the jobs that need to be done on your lawn? The landscape crew at Mulhern Landscape are trained in the art of landscape maintenance and are ready to tackle your lawn next! They’re dedicated to providing the best services possible – let their hard work speak for itself!

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