When Do We Sod?

When we’ve blogged about landscaping installs, we’ve typically talked about things like adding trees or flowers to your Gulfport yard. When we’ve blogged about lawns, we’ve usually blogged about lawn maintenance. 

But with the color of the season being green, now seems as good of a time as any to cross the two and jump into today’s topic – sod installation. 

The probability is that the largest portion of your yard is covered in grass. Grass probably covers eighty percent or more of your surface area. But the grass isn’t a given, and all grass starts somewhere. 

Beginning grass from seed is always an option. But there’s also a place for laying sod. Which is more appropriate for your needs is likely a function of your surface area, patience, and budget. 


To stay healthy and neat, your lawn requires regular mowing, edging, blowing, and trimming. In addition, an established lawn also needs seasonal care like fertilization, weed control, aeration, and overseeding. 

As you may know, aeration and overseeding help fill bare grass patches. But what if you don’t have any grass? That’s when sod installation comes in. 

beautiful lawn in South Pasadena, FL

When is Sod Installation Appropriate? 

While you can cut out existing grass and replace it with sod anytime, typically, homeowners install sod when they have a large amount of land with no grass or grass that needs to be replaced. When only small patches of grass are missing, seeding is typically adequate for replacing it. 

 Getting the Right Stuff 

When it comes to buying sod, not just any grass will do. Sod farmers grow sod specifically for harvesting so you can add it to your lawn. In addition, they grow sod for 18 months to allow it to reach full maturity and have robust root systems that keep it together when it’s cut. 

Besides picking a product from a reputable source, it’s also vital to get recently harvested sod. Ideally, you should plant sod only hours after harvesting! With the help of a reputable landscaper like Mulhern, you must ensure that you pick up sod the same day and install it immediately. 

How Do You Appropriately Prepare for Sodding?

Of course, picking the right product is just one piece of the green carpet puzzle. Once you get the sod, you must install it. But before sod installation, we prepare the ground for it. 

If your ground is bare, you’re in decent shape for adding sod. But more likely than not, you have some less-than-desirable plants to remove. After removing those plants, Mulhern will get the ground relatively level and add any necessary fertilizer and growing enhancements. 

Finally, we’ll soak the ground thoroughly before laying the sod down so that its roots will immediately have water after the long journey from farm to store to your property!

 The Sod Installation Process

Laying down sod is not unlike laying carpet. It typically comes in rolls or pallets. We evenly apply strips or squares of sod onto your presoaked soil, ensuring to line up edges. 

Sometimes, we’ll need to cut strips of sod to fill in spots or make it fit into the leftover area after we’ve placed full strips or pieces and there’s still a little space. Then, after seamlessly installing the sod and ensuring no ground is showing through, we’ll soak the sod so it survives.

beautiful lawn in South Pasadena, FL

How Do You Keep Your Sod Healthy After Planting? 

In this period, your sod is at its most precarious, health-wise. So you must do everything possible to help it survive and thrive. 

More Water! 

Firstly, that means watering it daily! Next, we’ll give you a specific watering schedule. If you follow it, you should be just fine. 

Less Walking! 

Secondly, don’t walk on freshly installed sod. As the plants’ root systems are still establishing themselves, keeping your weight off them for at least the first two weeks after installation is vital. 

In addition, you shouldn’t lay anything on top of your sod – obviously, no parking, no landscaping tools, or kids’ toys. Finally, no mowing! Your grass needs time to establish. 

When it’s time for the first mow of your new sod, it’s essential to use a push mower and not a tractor since the weight of a riding mower can be too much now. 


If you have a lush green carpet of a lawn in front of your home, at some point, it was either seed or sod. If you don’t, Mulhern is here to help with expert sod installation on your property!