Seasonal Cleanup: Is It Truly Meaningful In Florida?

In Florida, seasons aren’t the same as they are in the rest of the country. Around here, if people are talking about a season, it’s probably a campaign, holiday, or hurricane. But, fall is still a good time for Mulhern Landscape to take care of your property’s seasonal cleanup; it just doesn’t look the same as it does in, for instance, New England.

Even though our weather changes are less severe (outside hurricanes and tropical storms), your plants still have seasonal life cycles. And if you don’t keep up, you create extra work for yourself later.

So today, Mulhern will tell you how we handle Fall Cleanup in Florida.

What is Seasonal Cleanup?

Seasonal cleanup is the periodic maintenance we perform on your property during the seasonal transition. Cleanup includes all the small tasks on your property that don’t get covered in other care.

It also may include laying down mulch, but not until everything else has been cleaned up!

So…What Do We Clean Up?Seasonal Cleanup in Gulfport Florida

The short answer to “what do we cleanup on your property?” is “anything that doesn’t belong there.”

To get into a bit more detail, that will include branches that broke off of trees, dead annuals, and even trash that has accumulated.

Over time, plant debris builds up in your yard. Whether that’s from thatch in your grass, the limbs from your trees, or the periodic death of plants, this plant debris needs to be cleaned up so new life can grow.

Why Do Seasonal Cleanup?

Seasonal cleanup is vital to both the style and substance of your property. And the two affect each other.


Nobody likes cleaning. But everyone is happier when things are clean. A clean yard looks better, increases your property value, and makes the people in it feel better.

Your yard is the first impression your neighbors and others get of your family. So don’t let it bring the rest of your house down.


The buildup of plant debris and other junk in your yard doesn’t just look bad. It’s also bad for your lawn and other plants.

Debris blocks new growth and can kill the plants beneath it. In addition, when water is trapped beneath plant debris, you can grow fungus and mold and get plant disease.

Not cleaning up your yard can also provide a habitat and hiding place for unwanted pests. For example, you’re probably not going to attract an alligator with those dead branches, but you might get some termites.

Why Do Fall Cleanup?

We can do seasonal cleanup anytime, but you should clean up your yard at least twice a year. Obviously, in Florida, we don’t have the fall foliage that appears in some of the states above us along our coast. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have plants changing.

The summer season is so full of life and maintenance that it can be challenging to add in extra tasks. So when summer ends, it’s the perfect time to take care of tasks that have built up in the meantime.

In addition, the beginning of fall is the natural end of the lifecycle for many plants. Since these plants will need to be removed before you can add new ones, it’s best to clean up at the beginning of the fall, so you have a cleaner look while you wait for your new spring plants.

Let’s Take Advantage of Our Weather!easonal Cleanup in Gulfport Florida

Many people move to Florida for our climate. The warm weather means we can entertain all year outdoors. So if you’re going to be entertaining outdoors, especially during the season of back-to-back holidays, you’ll want your property to look its best!

We’re about to have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and the many other winter holidays), and New Year! So that’s a good bonus reason to clean up in the fall.

Do You Need a Professional to Cleanup Your Yard?

So, why not just clean up your yard yourself? Did you miss the part about this being Florida?
In all seriousness, though, seasonal cleanup is labor-intensive, highly detailed, and some would say tedious.

There is a lot to know and do, and it helps to have experts you can trust. For example, we know what plants to take and which should stay.

When you hire Mulhern for your fall cleanup, you know we will do the job correctly, and you can use the time you’d be spending hunched over in your yard doing something you enjoy, preferably somewhere with air conditioning.


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