Lawn Maintenance is More Than Lawn Mowing

The beginning is the best place to start. And with your landscape, that starts with landscape installation.

Installation has some connotations that don’t tend to with landscaping. Chances are when you see the word “installation” or “install,” you think about your car getting a new part, adding a major appliance to your home (INSTALLATION INCLUDED!), or maybe a massive art project at a local museum or park.

But with your home’s yard, installation refers to adding anything new. That could be a new flower bed, sod, trees, or shrubs. Whatever your installation needs, Mulhern is here to meet them!

Installation Inspiration: Designing Your New Landscape Installation

Know what you need? Even if the answer is no, that’s ok. Mulhern is here for you whether you have a 100-point plan or a vague idea that “something green might be nice.”

Landscape design is your first step in landscape installation, and we’re here to help make your dreams happen, think them through, or figure it all out from scratch. If you do know what you want, we’ll tell you what you need to make it happen, and if you don’t, we’ll help you figure it out.

Installation Consideration: Think About These First

So you have an idea, but not the details. Or maybe you have some points but not the plan, and nothing is written in stone. Here are a few of the things to consider before your landscape installation.

Color and Texture

For most homeowners, color and texture are the easy part if you have a landscape design in mind. You already know what flowers you like or what colors you want to incorporate. Likewise, you probably already know how you want everything to feel.

We can begin a flower bed design with an idea of how you want them to look. Then, you can think about how it will all look together, and we’ll help you feel it all out.

Height and Growth

Height and growth are critical factors when installing a new tree, although they can be factors with any plants.

When installing any new plant, it’s essential to realize how it will affect the rest of your landscape. Trees create shade. And if that shade is going to be over an existing full sun flower garden, you need to think about how you want to handle that.

In addition, most trees are not planted when they are fully grown. Many trees will grow for years after installation, so it’s essential to know the full height your new tree will reach before even digging the hole.

Seasonality and Seasonal Clean-upLandscape Installation in Gulfport

You love how these flowers look when they bloom! But do you like how they look when they’re dormant?

When you have perennials, the blooms come back yearly, and the plants are often present all year. Therefore, you need to know how the plants will present in each season and ensure that you will be happy just as happy a few months from now (or at least not unhappy).

If you’re planting annuals, the plant’s entire life cycle is not as relevant to you. But you do need to consider that they will need to be replaced after they die, or your garden will be unsightly.

Landscape Maintenance

Finally, before installing any plants, you should consider the amount of work you (or someone you pay) will put into them once they are planted.

Trees and shrubs need to be both pruned and trimmed. Tree and shrub maintenance should always be done by a professional to ensure the health of the plants. Too little pruning and your plant can get sick; too much and you can kill it.

Flowerbeds must be deadheaded, fertilized, mulched, and cleaned up yearly. Perennials need support, and annuals need replacing.

Grass? Well, that needs mowing and fertilization, edging, dethatching, aeration, and overseeding.

Whatever plant we install on your property, we will be happy to perform the landscaping maintenance for them from then on. But you should always know going in what that landscaping will entail in the future.

Landscape Installation Preparation: Is Your Yard Ready for Your New Plants?

Ok, You have a plan. You know what landscape you want when you want it, and how you will take care of it from here on. Now what?

Now we need to prepare for your installation.


They say safety comes first, so we’ll start our prep talk here. When installing any new plants, we will need to do some digging. And whenever digging, it’s critical to know the location of all water and electric lines.

It’s also important to consider when installing large trees the distance they are from your home and other structures. Unfortunately, Florida is known for hurricanes and tropical storms, so we will plant to ensure the most safety for your home.

Soil, Environment & MoistureLandscape Installation in Gulfport

Not every plant will thrive here, but we are blessed with a climate ideal for a dizzying amount of flora! Florida is where you can grow most of the food and flowers you like, but that doesn’t mean your yard is the spot for them.

Before installing anything, we’ll ensure that your yard can realistically support it. If your yard isn’t yet suitable for your dream landscape, but it’s in reach, we’ll amend the soil or do whatever we need to get the right conditions to suit your design.

Finally, most plants will do much better if their roots can immediately get water. Therefore, we will soak the ground wherever we are about to install a new plant before we do the actual planting.

Post-Installation Machination: Keeping Your Plants Healthy

After we’ve planted your new tree, flowers, or other plants, the work is not complete! We will have some essential instructions for you to follow to keep your plants healthy. A new sod installation, for example, requires multiple watering per day during its first two weeks and can’t be walked on!

Whatever we’ve done, we’ll be there to help you help it thrive. Contact Mulhern for all your landscaping needs!


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